Are you adding social media posts daily only to get zero engagement from your target market? If yes, then have you wondered what’s going wrong? Well, gaining social media engagement is not challenging if effective tricks and strategies are used. Brands skyrocketed their social media engagement from zero to getting millions of likes with engaging content. Now what exactly is engaging content? Have you ever noticed yourself scrolling Instagram and stopped suddenly to read or view an image?

Now, that is engaging content: that attracts the user’s attention and influences him to act and share it with others. Social media is the most prominent and easiest way to connect with millions of people present on these platforms. According to a survey, social media users have increased from 4.48 billion in 2021 to 4.89 billion in 2023. Along with the number, the time spent on these platforms has also increased. In such a situation, to stay in the competition and outshine others, effectively using social media platforms becomes crucial.

Social media provides significant benefits, from brand awareness to leads and conversions, but all that happens with great strategies only. Anyone can create a social media page and start publishing but getting the required engagement is not everyone’s cup of tea.

To assist you and make your social media account stand out from the crowd, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help you writing engaging social media content.

Tips and Tricks to Write Engaging Content for social media

With valuable tips, businesses can target a wide range of audiences present on social media and increase their business reach and visibility. But to make those visitors your potential customers or followers, it’s necessary to understand the right social media post engagement ideas.

Know your Audience

Before writing social media content, its crucial to know about your target audience. Correctly understanding their needs, interests, and preferences helps cater to the audience’s engagement in your posts. Try to analyze their behavior pattern, activity on the platform, and their demographics. This helps you to understand which type of audience is interested in your services. For example, a law firm’s target audience will not be similar to a company selling travel packages. The type of content that brings engagement to travel companies differs from the type of content for law firms.

On the one hand, a visually attractive image of a beautiful waterfall may attract the interest of a travel enthusiast but not of the person who is finding information about a new rule passed by the supreme court. A simple, elegant, and concise image with the exact verdict of a supreme court may attract his interest. Therefore, creating content according to their interest develops an emotional and loyal connection between a brand and the audience, which improves engagement.

Add compelling Headlines and Captions.

Headlines attract visitors’ interest, especially when you are sharing some valuable and important information about your brand. Using attention-grabbing words and sentences like amazing, urgent, immediately, last chance, ending soon, etc. are power words that create a sense of attention and urgency. Write clear, crisp, and compelling headlines that are easy to read and understand. Numbers play a vital role in headlines making them more credible and intriguing for a person reading them. For example – check these two headlines and decide which one looks more promising and engaging.

1.  How to bring more traffic to your website.
2.  10 effective ways to bring high traffic to your website.

The first one is a general one, and the second one includes the power word “effective”, a number, and an extra word “high”. The second one can attract more visitors compared to the first one.

Another thing that improves social media post engagement is engaging captions and descriptions. The captions should be engaging, attractive, and relevant to the post and brand. Captions are generally written in a friendly and informal tone which helps users to connect with your brand. You can add questions, quizzes, and CTA in the captions to get visitor’s engagement. CTA can send traffic from social media accounts to your website, increasing traffic.

Add Interactive Content

You cannot promote your products or services a whole day on social media and expect people to show engagement. People love content that lets them interact and show their opinions, feedback, and views. You need to interact with them by asking for their choices and preferences and letting them show engagement through likes, comments, and story reposts. Run contests, quizzes, polls, riddles, this or that, tag a friend’s content, and other interactive content and let people show their opinions.

Offer goodies, giveaways, and gift hampers if the interactive content holds immense importance for your business strategies. For example, if you plan to develop a new product but are confused about adding a feature. Who can be a better advisor than your own customers? So, offering prizes for some top performers can be offered to get maximum engagement. Some social media platforms even allow you to hold challenges and let people create posts using the hashtag “challenge accepted”. This increases the chances of profile visit and ultimately increase engagement. Apart from this, emojis are another trending social media content that adds a pinch of humour and mischievousness to social media content. Use emojis that go best with the content and lines of your post or captain.

Add Compelling Visual Content

Social media is a game of visual content rather than written content. The human brain processes and remembers visuals 60 times more quickly than text. Adding eye-catchy images, videos, infographics, sliders, reels, etc., look more visually appealing than text. Imagine yourself scrolling Facebook and think about when you stop scrolling- when you see an eye catchy image or plain image filled with content. You must have got your answer “eye-catchy image”.

There is a huge difference between strategies for a blog and social media. In a blog, the more the content, the more the session duration and engagement. That’s not so in the case of social media. There is a different way to present information on social media through visual content. For example- if you want to demonstrate some statistics related to your company or service, then an infographic is the best way. If you want to make an announcement, a visually enriched image with concise and to-the-point content about the announcement will be enough to get the user’s attention. It not only delivers your content but also keeps the interest of the social media audience, therefore, increasing social media post engagement. They connect with you on a ground level and become your loyal audience.

On social media, images and videos are everything. But make sure the colors, theme, contrast, and font style match the type of services you are providing. For example- a company selling kids’ toys can add multiple color backgrounds with fancy text. But a company selling web design services must show itself as professional and skilled and should add simple and elegant backgrounds with matching color themes and professional fonts.

Repurpose your Most Loved Content

Sometimes there is no need to think and create brand-new content for your social media profiles. Modifying old, relevant, and evergreen content that can still provide value to your followers can be reused. Check which blogs received positive reviews, maximum session duration, and a high number of comments. Now you can repurpose that content in various types of visuals and post it on different social media platforms. For example, you can turn statistics-related data into a convincing infographic and post it on social media. This not only allows you to reuse your content but also brings good engagement on social media.

Another example is “quotes and phrases.” If you find motivational or inspirational quotes or phrases in a blog, reuse them as a Morning motivation image for your social media profiles with relevant hashtags like #mondaymotivation. If you find a particular topic that can be considered evergreen content but is lengthy, consider breaking it into slides and adding it as a carousel post. You can even convert your evergreen content into videos, podcasts, and interview formats and share them as videos on social media. Converting text to graphics is not difficult if the right tools have been used.

Make use of Trending Hashtags

Using trendy and popular hashtags can significantly increase the visibility of your posts, making them reach a much wider audience. But at the same time, using low-quality and irrelevant hashtags can hamper your social media accounts. Hashtags are most useful for platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where if relevant hashtags are used can shoot up your daily traffic and engagement to another level. For example – #tbt #mondayblues #photooftheday #trending are some hashtags that allow you to add new pictures and even throwback pictures that can get high reach.

Apart from trending hashtags, niche-based hashtags should be used wisely and after proper research. Make sure more people follow the hashtags, and they must have a higher number of existing posts. For example, for a travel company – traveling-based hashtags such as #travel, #travelphotography, #traveltheworld, etc. can be used, whereas a fashion company can use hashtags like #outfitoftheday, #fashion, #ootd, etc.

Apart from that, try to create your own brand hashtag and remember to add it to every post. This helps to enhance brand loyalty and reputation.

Share Testimonials and Reviews

Consider yourself as a buyer. What do you check before ordering anything from social media or e-commerce sites? Published pictures and descriptions or reviews of people who have actually purchased the product. You must have got your answer – “The reviews or testimonials”. The human mind considers reviews more authentic and trustable than any other kind of information present. No matter how hard a salesman tries to sell a product, an ex-customer who came in with a defect can change the mind of a customer who has just made a purchase.

The same happens on social media. Nearly 80% of customers confessed that they vigorously check online testimonials and reviews before purchasing something. 75% of customers said that lack of reviews even breaks their confidence and makes them shift to an alternate brand. This proves the importance of reviews and testimonials for your social media pages.

Therefore, adding reviews of happy and satisfied customers develops brand confidence and positively influences purchase decisions. Ask your customers to send feedback about their experience through testimonials or videos. Apart from reviews, even case studies in some cases also influence a customer.


To summarize, increasing social media engagement necessitates the use of effective tips and tricks for creating engaging content. Interesting information captures the user’s attention, motivates them to act, and inspires them to share it with others. With the growing number of social media users, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and connect with your target audience. To do so, it is crucial to dive into the world of social media, understand everything about engagement post ideas and implement them successfully to get better results.


Q1. How can storytelling improve social media interaction?

Storytelling helps to connect with your customers on an emotional level. It helps to create narratives about your brand based on existing customer stories and experiences. Such stories build confidence and make your brand more trustable to the user.

Q2. Which is one common mistake we should avoid as marketers?

Writing and exaggerating features of the product no longer works. People can find features of a product everywhere on the internet, but what they actually want to know is how the product will benefit them. Therefore, rather than writing several features, if you write 4-5 genuine benefits of the product, it has more chances of bringing customer attention and engagement.

Q3. How often should you post on social media?

Social media hasn’t put any restrictions on the frequency of posting. It generally depends on whether you have relevant content to post or not. However, consistency is the key; therefore, regularly connecting with your audience through one post a day is sufficient. It’s not advisable to overflow your page with 6-7 posts as it shows a lack of professionalism and may impact negatively.