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Flip The Script On Your Competitors  

The internet is swamped with ordinary marketing videos where half the things get lost in translation, which is why Scriptwriters at WriterAdda go the extra mile to make your videos extraordinary. By delving deep into the details, we create the ultimate script that not only appeals to your target audience and improves video production value but also delivers accurate information in a language that prompts viewers to take the intended action.

  • Structured Scripts

With hooks that grab attention, comprehensive content that educates, and a conversational tone that convinces viewers to take action, our video script writers deliver the promise of success.

  • Industry Expertise

Emerge as a prominent thought leader with video scripts that address viewers' pain points and leave a lasting impression with actionable solutions conveyed using relevant industry jargon.

  • Videos That Bewitch

Our writers improve video shareability by presenting meaningful and relevant information in an engaging manner, turning your videos into a profitable marketing medium.

Why Choose Us?

WriterAdda script writers are masters of their craft. By speaking the language of your target audience, our video scripts enhance engagement, build brand authority, and inspire trust that encourages viewers to take the desired action. Drive sales and improve brand loyalty with WriterAdda video scripts today!  

All WriterAdda writers go through a rigorous screening test. Our hiring process is thorough and holds our writers to the highest standards of professionalism and competence.
We understand that losing time costs businesses money. Having a sincere regard for your time, the WriterAdda team prioritizes timely content delivery every time!
We honor your feedback and offer two revisions for every video script we deliver. We work with you every step along the way so that the end result exceeds your expectations.
Our writers are adept at writing video scripts for every need. From explainer, commercial, and instructional videos to corporate videos and YouTube video scripts, we create impactful masterpieces for every genre.

Get Video Scripts Delivered In 4-Simple Steps  


  • Share Your Vision

Let us know your brand vision through detailed inputs in the order form, and we will get back to you with an estimated delivery timeline.   


  • Calling In The Wizards 

We knit pick the most creative storytellers that do justice to your requirements and curate the most effective video scripts.   


  • Real-Time Updates  

Receive regular email updates along every step of the project to ensure everything goes according to your plan.  


  • On Time, Every Time  

We assure you that we value timely delivery and promise to provide well-crafted video scripts within the agreed schedule.  

Video Script Writing At A Fair Price 

Choose an existing plan that suits your requirements or customize it according to your specific needs.   


₹2,500/1000 Words

  • SEO-friendly
  • 100% Unique
  • Well-Researched
  • Up to 2 Revisions
  • Dedicated Support


₹5000/2000 Words

  • SEO-friendly
  • 100% Unique
  • Well-Researched
  • Up to 2 Revisions
  • Dedicated Support


₹7,500/3000 Words

  • SEO-friendly
  • 100% Unique
  • Well-Researched
  • Up to 2 Revisions
  • Dedicated Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The video script writing process typically consists of five steps.
  • First, the writer will research the topic or product that you want to feature in your video.
  • Next, the writer will develop an outline for the script. This step includes organizing the content, setting up plot points, and establishing a tone.
  • The third step is to start writing the script itself. This can involve creating dialogue, narrating action, or relaying key facts depending on your needs.
  • By addressing any potential issues and adding more details, the script is reviewed and edited in the fourth step for accuracy and clarity.
  • After a thorough review, the writer will submit a final draft of your script for approval.
  • After the review process, the script is delivered to you for approval or revision. Our team also offers support with any revisions you request to ensure that your final product meets the highest standards of excellence.

Yes! Professional script writers can work with you right from the start to help craft your story and determine the optimal approach for achieving your objectives. From there, they can write a compelling script that follows through on all of these points and any other needs or specifications you may have. No matter what type of project you have in mind, a dedicated team of professionals can help make it a reality. Our scriptwriting services are designed to bring your ideas to life and ensure they engage with the target audience. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create a script that truly conveys your message and achieves your goals.

The key features of a video script include:

  • 1. Concise and direct dialogue that drives the story forward.
  • 2. Visual descriptions to create vivid scenes in the script.
  • 3. Clear goals are established for the characters throughout the story.
  • 4. A compelling plot with interesting twists and turns throughout.
  • 5. A script that is well-structured and easy to read.
  • 6. Engaging dialogue that is believable and on-brand for the project.
  • 7. An ending that leaves the audience wanting more.
  • Working with a professional script writing service ensures that your video script meets all these criteria. WriterAdda’s script writers can help craft a compelling and engaging script while staying true to the project’s goals and brand. With the right professionals on board, you can be sure of getting a finished product that will draw in viewers and keep them hooked until the end.

When it comes to selecting a script writing service, there are several factors you should consider. First and foremost, look for a company with experience in the industry and one that understands your specific needs and goals. Ask questions about their approach to script writing and any additional services they offer, such as concept development or storyboarding. Additionally, ask for examples of work they’ve produced to ensure your satisfaction with their quality. Finally, make sure that your chosen video script writing service can provide the timely delivery and cost-effective rates that you need. With careful consideration and research, you can find a great partner to help bring your vision to life.

When it comes to video scripts, there are several types to choose from, depending on your needs. An explainer script typically provides viewers with information about a product or service. A commercial script is designed to drive sales and promote products. And a brand video script can be used in social media campaigns, blogs, or other web content. Each script has its own purpose, and it’s important to consider the type that best fits your project before hiring a script writing service.


A Sneak Peek Into Video Script Writing  

Video script writing services are professional services that provide custom-crafted video scripts. These services offer expertise in story development, dialogue, and content creation to help create engaging and impactful videos. Scripts crafted by these services consider the goal of your video, target audience, brand positioning, and more to ensure a successful end product. From concept creation to scripting and storyboarding, these services offer comprehensive solutions that help bring your vision to life.   

How Are Businesses Using Video Script Writing To Their Advantage?  

In 2015, 78% of marketers utilized videos in their strategies; by 2022, this number rose to a whopping 92%. Videos are an irreplaceable element of a successful marketing strategy. Amateur video scripts may end up providing inaccurate information through unclear messaging, resulting in a lack of engagement. Here is how professional video script writing services help businesses tackle challenges:

  • - To Tell Their Story

Script writing services help businesses craft a narrative that connects with their target audiences and tells a compelling story. From educational videos to training materials, scripts are essential in conveying the right message.   

  • - To Increase Conversion Rates

Script writing services can help increase conversion rates by ensuring that videos have a clear structure, powerful messages, and a strong call to action. A well-crafted script can make all the difference between a compelling video that drives conversions and one that fails to make an impact.

  • - To Highlight Their Brand

A good script will help your brand stand out from the competition and ensure that viewers remember it long after they've watched a video. Script writing services can guarantee that your story is being told most effectively, helping you to establish a strong identity and presence in the market.

  • - To Build Trust

Great scripts allow you to build lasting relationships with your viewers as they get to know and trust your brand. Quality script writing services will help you create informative and entertaining content, making customers feel more connected with your product or service.

  • - To Reach Multiple Platforms

Content that is optimized for multiple platforms will maximize your reach and help you become more successful. Script writing services can create content tailored specifically to different audiences, resulting in greater engagement from an expanded network of potential customers.

What does WriterAdda's video script writing service offer? 

WriterAdda's video script writing service offers quality assurance, custom content for multiple platforms, and creative ideas to give your videos the edge. Our experienced writers will craft a compelling story that resonates with your target audience, helping you stand out from competitors.

Be it a script for an educational video, training video, commercial video, or script writing for YouTube videos, our script writers offer comprehensive solutions that help bring your vision to life.

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