Are you posting creative and relevant content on your social media, but still not getting the desired conversions? Well, maybe you missed one crucial thing – an effective Call to Action (CTA)! In the dynamic world of social media marketing, a well-crafted and attractive CTA is the key to bringing user engagement, high conversions, and fulfilling other social media goals. You anticipate a response when you post something on social media.

A call-to-action (CTA) can take various forms such as subscribing to a newsletter, placing an order, visiting your website, or any other desired action. A well-crafted and persuasive CTA can serve as a valuable tool to guide and support your audience. You have to add relevant and clickbait CTA that guides and encourages people to take action. “Marketers have claimed that adding an attractive CTA can increase the conversion rate by 83%”.

A compelling CTA helps you to fulfill all the social media goals and maximize return on investment. We will go through some valuable advice to assist you in creating a compelling social media call to action that grabs your audience’s attention, inspires them, and prompts them to take action.

What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

A call to action (CTA) is a concise statement that encourages users to take specific actions. It depends on the kind of outcome you want from your audience, like making a purchase, sharing the content, visiting the website, etc. For example – if your desired goal is to encourage people to make a purchase, the simplest CTA would be “Buy Now” or “Purchase Now.” A simple CTA can bring conversions, but a great social media CTA can multiply the conversions. They not only direct the viewers to do the required action but also instill a sense of urgency and motivate them to take the desired action. Compelling CTAs can be written based on your target market and desired outcome. For example, rather than writing “Buy Now”, you can add “Last Chance to Buy.” This creates a sense of excitement and urgency, enticing customers to make a purchase before it’s too late.

It can be added in 3 different forms.

  • A text button
  • A plain text
  • A link

How to Write a Great Social Media Call to Action?

Writing a simple CTA is not difficult, but writing a great CTA that influences people to take action is challenging. It requires some desired knowledge and strategies that let you write a well-crafted Call to action. Explore some tips to write a great social media call to action and increase your conversions by 83%.

Use Strong Action Words

Start your CTA with powerful, clear action words that prompt users to take immediate action. Using the instructive adverb “Now” creates a sense of urgency and encourages users to take some action. For example – Buy Now, Purchase Now, Sign up for the newsletter now, etc. Try not to use Simple Call to actions like Buy here, Subscribe, click here, etc.; as they sound spammy, instead, modify these CTA to something compelling and exciting.

  • Buy Here can be changed to “Buy Now to get an instant discount”
  • Subscribe can be changed to “Subscribe now to get a free Demo class”
  • Click here can be changed to “Click here to get the latest deals,” and so on.

Some best action words that provide actionable advice to visitors and increase engagement are-

  • Explore,
  • Shop,
  • Check Out
  • Find,
  • Read Now
  • Join
  • Grab
  • Discover
  • Claim
  • Check it out
  • Add to cart
  • Learn

Provoke Emotion

Target people’s emotions by considering their pain points to encourage immediate action. Create a CTA that emphasizes how your material, service, or product may assist them in achieving their objectives, satisfying their wants, or overcoming obstacles. Add a long CTA with some attractive offers to trigger the emotional quotient of visitors.

  • Add Numbers – Buy Now and get 40% off, Buy 2 get 1 free,
  • Add Verbs – Find the best deal for you, Clain your free gift Now,
  • Fulfill Their desires – Lose Weight in 3 months, Increase your sales by 60%,
  • Use words that render feelings – Inspiring, Unforgettable, Exciting, Transform, Wonderful, etc.

Create a Sense of Urgency

To invoke a sense of curiosity and urgency, add a CTA that can trigger FOMO and encourage people to take instant action to avoid missing out. Shows them Scarcity, Exclusive offers, Countdown timers, and Early Purchase offers to target their intrigue and get maximum results.

For example –

  • Limited time offer,
  • The sale ends by midnight,
  • The offer ends soon,
  • Last chance to buy,
  • Limited seats available
  • Don’t Miss out
  • Sign-up before 2 PM to get an early bird discount.

Add time-based words like now, today, tomorrow, and this week, etc. set a specific time limit that targets the powerful motivator – “Fear of missing out (FOMO) and increases Clicks and Conversions.

Offer Incentives

Provide a good incentive that can incite a user to click on your CTA. You can offer your audience a discount, an exciting gift, exclusive material, early access, or any other value proposition. Be clear about what incentive you are providing and avoid any false information. For example – Get 30% off on your first order, Get free delivery on orders above Rs 500.

Use persuasive language to emphasize the advantages and appeal to the consumers’ desires. For example – Upgrade to premium to get access to unlimited new Movies and Web series now.

Be Clear and Specific

Keep your CTA clear, straightforward, and specific to avoid causing any confusion for the viewers. Use the words “Shop now,” “Sign up,” “Subscribe,” “Download,” “Follow,” or “Share,” and be clear about the action you want people to take. Apart from that, Users should clearly know the exact thing you are providing through CTA. For example, write “Sign up Now to get Daily News Updates” rather than “Sign up Now.” Don’t write a generic CTA that fails to bring the desired conversions; instead, try a long CTA that provides exact information about the service.

Focus on Benefits and Value

Adding some great features of your offering is less valuable compared to a useful benefit. People take action for benefits, not for features, so provide the value your customer can gain by clicking the CTA and performing the desired action. Use descriptive words to offer a realistic image of the advantages your audience will enjoy. Assist them in visualizing the wonderful results and emotions they will experience as a result of taking action. For example –

“Join our team to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Mountains.”

“Discover the best freelance methods to earn your first income.”

Length Of CTA

The button-based CTA should be crisp, concise, and easily readable. For example – “Join Our Python course now.” Such CTA basically takes the user to another page to get more information or perform some action. Whereas text-based or link-based CTA can be long and more descriptive to attract users. Many people use Text-based and button-based CTA together to enhance engagement and conversions. For example-

Text – “Explore Trendy Outfits for this Winter Season”

Button – “Check Out now.”

Such a combination gives you a space to provide guidance as well as an actionable CTA that directly takes your customer to the shopping page.

Test and Optimize

Experiment with different CTA to find which one works best for your business. A/B testing allows you to determine which CTA generates the best levels of engagement and conversion. You can try different variations through AB testing and, finally, find the most profitable one. It’s not necessary to transform the whole CTA into something new; sometimes, even a minor change can make a big difference. For example, changing “Get the best Deals” to “Get the best deals for yourself” can significantly impact bringing leads and conversions. So, alter, polish, and modify CTA on a regular basis to get the best results.

Customize Call to action according to the Platform

The same CTA may or may not work for all social media platforms. One CTA may work extremely well for Instagram but fails to get clicks on Twitter. Every platform has its unique features and requirements, so to get conversions from all the platforms, it’s crucial to write different CTA for different platforms.

For example:

  • “Swipe up to shop now” can be used in Instagram stories to drive people to your shopping page.
  • “Retweet to get a free premium membership for one month” can be a great CTA for Twitter.
  • “Like and Follow to get a 30% discount on your next order” can work for Facebook and so on.

Basically, it means matching the characteristics, audience, and goals of each social media platform and crafting your CTA accordingly.

Some Examples of Best Call to Action for Different Purposes

Lead Generation

  • Subscribe now and get free access to 50+ Digital marketing tools
  • Download the Case Study and learn to increase conversions by 60%
  • Limited seats are available! Book your Spot Now!
  • Sign up now and get a free premium template.

Sales and Promotion

  • Shop Now and get 40% Off
  • Buy 2 get 1 free only at Rs 599.
  • Order before 12 PM to unlock the free delivery offer.
  • Buy products worth Rs 1999 and get a free gift voucher of Rs 199.

To Bring Engagement

  • Tag someone who needs to see this
  • Share it with your school friends
  • Answer below in the comment section
  • Click on the bell icon to receive the latest updates
  • Describe your mood in 3 emojis
  • Vote for your favorite
  • Take a Quiz to check your personality type

Event Promotion

  • Sign up for our upcoming Webinar on Canva
  • Book your tickets to witness the Most soulful Musical Night Today
  • Book your spot to meet the youngest entrepreneurs in the state

Selling a Service

  • Book your Appointment Now
  • Skyrocket your social media followers
  • Schedule a free demo class for a lifetime experience
  • Transform your Business Today with us.

Why Call to Action an important part of your social media strategy?

Drives Engagement – A well-crafted CTA encourages users to take specific actions like signing up, making a purchase, like, share, comment, visiting a website, subscribe etc.

Increase Conversions – A guiding CTA helps your visitors to follow a clear path and enhance their conversion process.

Encourage Brand Awareness – A compelling CTA encourages people to share your content with others on social media and increase brand awareness. CTA such as mention, tag, and share amplifies your brand’s presence to a wider market.

Build Customer Relationship – CTAs can be used to entice users to subscribe to newsletters, join communities, etc. You can engage with your audience, deliver useful information, and establish brand loyalty over time by maintaining these relationships.


Writing an effective social media call to action (CTA) needs careful consideration of several factors, such as invoking emotions, providing rewards, and establishing a feeling of urgency. Social media is full of brands and influencers; standing out from the crowd requires extra effort. A great call to action at the right place captivates your audience’s attention, urges them to take action, and drives engagement.