In today’s tough and competitive market, it is highly important to have an online presence as no brand or company can survive without it. It takes a lot of knowledge, skill, and effort to build this presence and it is done through effective content marketing tactics. Content marketing allows you to be active in your field and allows you to present your business ideas through various forms and techniques through regular posting. When you post regular content, you get a higher tendency of creating signifying reach, as more people see you on regular basis and are aware of you throughout. This drives more interest people in your business.

When we talk about content marketing, there are designated specialists who help you to spread the word about your business. Some of the most helpful and effective resources for this are content writers. Content writers are professionals who write content for websites, blogs, research papers, eBooks, product descriptions, social media, blogs post, etc. The writer works with businesses to understand their service and tone of voice to provide them with the best information. The profile of content writers is diverse, there exists different types of content writers for different content and everyone has their own expertise in writing. In this article, we will be throwing light on various kinds of content writers and their fields of specialization.

SEO Content Writer

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is the science of optimizing your content so that it ranks higher in search engines like Google. Professional SEO content writers know how to incorporate keywords in articles and pages seamlessly. SEO is much more than just knowing and using the right words, these specialists take care of other essential factors such as tags, meta, and URL which enables the written content or blog post to appear first in the search list when a relevant keyword is entered. These factors are crucial to make the content appear at higher ranks in the search lists. Moreover, sites that rank on the first page get more clicks, which results in more leads and revenue. Studies suggest the websites ranking as first three in the list get traffic up to 68% and that’s the power of SEO writers.

Blog Content Writers

Whether you are a big company or small company; businesses must have a blog. It is especially necessary to post blog content if you are a small business, in order to enhance your reach and make people aware of your business. Blogs are of great help to fetch a good number of leads on your website, you provide valuable and important information to your clients through blog posts. It helps you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. By sharing valuable content, you make a great deal of credibility, you also show expertise in your field which builds faith in customers. Having credibility and faith helps you to gain traffic on your website, increasing your chances of getting more leads. Moreover, high-quality and engaging content is highly appreciated by Google. This is what blog content writers do, they create high-quality content with effective usage of words along with providing valuable information to the readers.

Social Media Content Writer

Social media content writers can be considered one of the most popular writers of all. This is because of heavy usage and reliance on social media for extensive growth and marketing. Presently, almost every business has at least one social media account for marketing and promotions. Social media content writing demands creativity. In order to stand out, you must be consistent with your posts, hold an audience-engaging contest and have high-quality captions for your post. On social media, a post is incomplete without giving a description about it, to make the people well understand the post, a mere picture doesn’t do justice to it. Hence, when hiring a social media content writer make sure that they are a dynamic and creative person who thinks outside of the box. In this way, they become your brand’s spokesperson for thousands and even millions of people.


Copywriting and content writing are similar, but both do slightly different jobs. Copywriters use their creativity to create an inviting and engaging block of text for your website and landing page, sales page, or sales letter. Their content is mainly catchy and focuses on sales. The best copywriters create stories for your brand and write in accordance with your brand’s values, this is the basic persuasion that a copywriter must know. Moreover, there are different subtypes of copywriters as well, direct response copywriters help you to write the copy with the intention to get your customer to take action immediately. Website copywriters help you to write descriptions for your website, landing page, or sales page that guides the customers to your business funnel.

Email Marketing Writer

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing that you can do. It requires a small investment with massive potential earnings. A talented email marketer is well-versed in providing you with high ROI. They help to nurture your email lists and write high-quality emails with autoresponders, email sequences, sales letters, etc. Nowadays email marketing is made easy with software like MailChimp, which lets you send emails in bulk. But in order to write email content you need an experienced and talented email marketer, who has enough knowledge of your business and has a professional tone of writing. The goal of an email is to get a person to buy something from you, or simply it could be getting them to read the latest report or blog post that you published. Email marketers will always increase conversion by optimizing headlines or changing a few lines of the content to get the most out of your email effort.


Content writing is a wide field, and there exist a number of specialists that are experts in their own field of writing. But when it comes to selecting the best one for you, it is important to know the purpose of writing content as there is some overlap between these professions and specialties. Each type of writer can benefit you in their own way, so you have to evaluate your marketing strategy and figure out which one suits you the best. Start by choosing your goal and objective of writing, this is the first step towards creating a strong and authoritative online presence.