Are you considering a Career in Content Writing? Because knowledge is now practically at our fingertips and getting access to it has never been simpler, we Google whatever we want to know about all the time. It is evident that content must be published online to be seen by millions or perhaps billions of people.
Almost all sectors or enterprises are intimately related to content writing since it has become an essential medium for the presentation of information. Content writers now have a ton of room and opportunity.

What is Content writing

What is Content writing

People who work as content writers are experts who want to give organizations, websites, and goods valuable and exciting material. Every business, whether in technology, design, publishing, or medicine, needs a professional who can write about the company’s goods and services engagingly. These individuals are referred to as content writers.

Options for a Career in Content Writing

There are many prospects for students and aspiring content writers in the diversified field of content writing. The most well-liked and suggested careers that might be taken to develop a reliable career in content writing are listed below.
These professions need as much hard work and devotion as any other and carry the same dangers of failure. This is for those who sincerely want to develop a content writing profession and want to learn about opportunities.

There are several possibilities for those attempting to advance their careers as content writers. A unique set of abilities and knowledge of content writing are required for each job option in content creation. Here are the best courses which are free of cost if you wish to learn content writing.

1. SEMrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit Course

SEMrush's Content Marketing Toolkit Course

This free course from SEMrush will help you develop your content marketing abilities. You will receive advice and direction from subject-matter experts. It consists of several short video lectures that are supported with reading materials. Following the lessons, there is evaluation in the form of examinations and quizzes.
What you’ll discover:

  • Making content search engine friendly through optimization; thorough understanding of analytical and optimization tools to develop a solid content strategy.
  • Utilizing free tools for content creation to help you come up with topic ideas and research techniques to assist you in solving problems faced by your audience.
  • Methods and procedures to expand the audience for awareness of your content.
  • Monitoring content performance will allow you to assess the tastes and trends of your target market more accurately.

2. Udemy’s Essentials of Content Writing

Udemy's Essentials of Content Writing

The skills necessary to produce content are explained in this brief course on Udemy. Udemy offers the best educational courses that help you learn the fundamentals and clear your concepts.
What you’ll learn:

  • Knowing the fundamental characteristics of a content writer
  • Evaluating your potential as a writer
  • Identifying the areas of your writing that may be improved
  • Improving your writing abilities

3. Content marketing: LinkedIn’s Business Blogging

Content marketing LinkedIn's Business Blogging

The thorough process involved in blogging for business, including producing highly optimized material, is highlighted in LinkedIn’s free content writing course. It is a thorough course that covers everything from creating blogging objectives and ideas to guest blogging and team building. A fun chapter quiz complements each module.
What you’ll discover:

  • Internet promotionMarketing of content on social media
  • Metrics for evaluating B2B and B2C marketing
  • Design and development of blogs
  • Creating journalistic standards

4. Good with Words: (prefer this course if you wish to master your skills in editing content)

Good with Words

This quartet of four courses from the University of Michigan is accessible through Coursera. It has all the tools you require to develop as a writer. It’s intended to assist you with developing your writing and editing abilities and your creativity, time management, and communication skills. One of the top online content writing courses is this one.

  • Making slogans and building creative sentences
  • A compelling idea and practical considerations for punctuation and paragraph structure
  • Time management techniques and how to fulfil deadlinesBuilding up one’s writing abilities
  • Abilities to tell stories
  • Access to an extensive library of books on effective writing
  • Techniques for getting going
  • Tips and tricks for revision; proficiency in editing and proofreading
  • Using facts and statistics while writing
  • Feedback control

5. HubSpot’s Content Strategy Training

HubSpot's Content Strategy Training Training

The HubSpot Academy’s online content writing course will show you how to develop a successful content strategy that consistently engages your audience. It walks you through everything from content analysis and promotion to narrative and is aimed at content creators and digital marketing experts.

things you get to learn:

  • defining your topic and producing material under your objectives and interests
  • Developing a long-term strategy for content development
  • determining the content needs of the target audience
  • collaborating with influential business people to increase content reach
  • Focusing on subject clusters and pillar sites, content optimization for consumers and search engines
  • the dynamic management of the development funnel in the realm of digital media

6. SkillShare’s Editing and Proofreading Masterclass

SkillShare's Editing and Proofreading Masterclass

Basic editing is a skill that every content writer should have. This combined training from SkillShare offers experience in both editing and proofreading. The course is made up of several time-saving videos and a final assignment. It includes valuable modules on various topics, including fact-checking, universal proofreading symbols, eliminating superfluous material, editing tools, and more. It’s pretty practical and includes a bonus lesson at the end!
What you’ll learn:

  • Professional editors’ and proofreaders’ techniques
  • Grammar and syntax lessons
  • Editing techniques and advice for finding work in the freelance market

7. Coursera’s High-Impact Business Writing

Coursera's High-Impact Business Writing

Writing for the commercial world is very different from writing for the artists. In the former, you must adhere to specific rules and ensure that your writing achieves a corporate goal. Whether it’s an email or a white paper, writing is a crucial component of business communication. This online course from the University of California, Irvine, teaches you how to master writing for businesses.
What you’ll learn:

  • How to produce press releases, reports, emails, and presentations
  • Making changes to and writing business papers
  • Recognizing and correcting writing mistakes

8. Udemy’s “Secret Sauce of Great Writing”

Secret Sauce of Great Writing

This quick course from Udemy explains content writing fundamentals, including business writing and blogging. The course does it with competence, clarity, and simplicity and covers the basics of writing. The online video course for content writing also includes instructor-led Q&A sessions.What do you get to learn:

  • How to produce content that shines out by incorporating simplicity, clarity, elegance, and evocativeness
  • Self-evaluation methods for improved performance

9. The Coursera: A Content Marketing Strategy Course

A Content Marketing Strategy Course

The University of California, Davis is the provider of this online course, which is available on Coursera. It is intended to acquaint you with the essential procedures of effective content marketing. It includes tasks, discussion forums, and video lectures. There is a certification option for this free course on content writing.
What you’ll discover:

  • Practical methods for the content industry, from client acquisition to retention
  • A thorough breakdown of your content marketing strategy, from conception and creation through planning and implementation
  • Analysis and evaluation of the results of your content marketing initiatives
  • Techniques for writing effectively and creating solid material

10. Article Writing: How to Make a Living by Udemy

Article Writing How to Make a Living by Udemy

This course explains how to use online writing to get money. Research principles and advice for boosting website traffic are also covered. Beginners looking for advice on monetizing their writing skills might find it helpful.
What you’ll get to learn:

  • Developing a career as a freelance writer
  • Finding profitable websites
  • Generating ideas for articles
  • Kind of article and its market value


As you have probably already realized, content writing courses are essential resources for developing or improving your writing abilities. Such practical, industry-specific training might be your best ally when you begin your career as a content writer. But don’t overlook the other components of a great freelance writing career: perseverance, hard work, and enthusiasm.